UUC’s Certificate Programs increases the effectiveness of current pastors and ministry leaders and prepares lay leaders, including church elders, deacons, Sunday School teachers, mission trip leaders, denominational officers, or officers or managers in faith-based or secular organizations, to make a greater impact.

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Master of Arts in Ministry

The Master of Arts in Ministry is an integrated program for leadership in local churches, Bible schools, para-church organizations or other non-profit agencies. Students will examine a variety of subjects related directly to biblical study, theological reflection, ministry and leadership.

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Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) program is designed to empower and equip students to serve as transformational Christian leaders within today’s multicultural contexts. UUC offers the traditional ministerial skills of biblical and theological competence, effective communication, spiritual sensitivity and maturity, passion for evangelism and pastoral care. 

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Doctor of Ministry

The program is designed for Graduates to increase their ministerial competencies to a truly professional level, to become experts in all skills and competencies related to Christian ministry: critical reflection, interpersonal skills, capacity for theological interpretation, and special skills for service in particular contexts.

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Accredited Programs

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  • BS in Professional Studies (available fall 2020)
  • BA in Management (available fall 2020)
  • BS in Information Technology (coming soon)
  • BA in Education (coming soon)
  • BS in Healthcare (coming soon)