Mission Statement

UUC is a Christian educational institution committed to overcoming language, immobility and financial barriers through an online distance learning methodology designed to prepare students to serve God effectively in their locations and vocations.



·       Provide students with biblically-based education

·       Offer students a comprehensive, high quality, and academically rigorous education

·       Connect students with excellent academic resources

·       Assist students with limited financial resources

·       Enable students to effectively communicate the Gospel in their cultural contexts

·       Assist students in fostering their spiritual and vocational competencies

·       Increase students’ capacity to apply biblical, intellectual and analytical abilities in ways that motivate their commitment to lifelong learning


Institutional Objectives

·       Academic Rigor: To utilize benchmarks of progress and the measuring mechanism to monitor and maintain the quality of student learning outcomes To increase fundraising capacity

·       Affordability: To secure financial support including donations, grants, endowments and charitable remainder trusts to assist students with limited financial resource

·       Academic Resources: To provide students with academic resources through e-libraries and in different languages


Educational Objectives

·       Bible Mastery: To equip students with the ability to use and interpret Scripture by offering both introductory and advanced level courses of Bible survey and Bible interpretation

·       Ministerial Leadership: To provide tools and opportunities for the students to cultivate their personal and professional developments through self-evaluation, field education, and mentoring relationships with faculty members

·       Lifelong Learning: To encourage lifelong learning by promoting the use of research skills, critical thinking skills, and integration of learning skills in order for them to become effective leaders in different contexts and settings

·       Contextual Commitment: To enable students to work effectively in the multiple and global contexts by raising awareness of different cultures and backgrounds, and encouraging interaction with and respect for others who hold different assumptions and worldviews

·       Effective Communication: To develop effective communicators who can convey the Gospel in different settings with clarity, conviction, and creativity

Christian leaders throughout the world lack good theological education because the barriers of poverty, the inability to relocate, and the inability to study in English seem insurmountable. Yet the church needs their leaders to be educated.

With a 30 year history of survival and success teaching in difficult circumstances, UUC offers a high quality, low cost solution through our online education programs.  With internet access expanding to the otherwise unreachable areas at a rapid pace,UUC offers an effective solution for equipping the Christian church worldwide.

We intentionally seek to remove barriers that prevent students from success in obtaining educational degrees. We focus on minimizing the effect of three particular barriers:

·       Poverty: UUC strives to remain cost effective in order to keep our tuition costs low.  UUC also provides tuition reductions and scholarships to students who qualify.

·       Immobility:  Circumstances often prevent students from being able to relocate or travel to campus for onsite study.  The Internet today, and in turn, our online education system, has become increasingly capable of reaching those that traditional classrooms cannot, in the remotest regions of the world.

·       Language: UUC provides degree programs in multiple languages.