"We currently accept applicants from California, Florida, Ohio, Texas and West Virginia. Potential students from other states of the U.S. might want to contact the Admissions Office for information regarding when authorization from their states becomes available.
Posting Requirement from Texas Workforce Commission and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board:
UUC is not regulated in Texas under Chapter 132 of the Texas Education Code as advised by the Texas Workforce Commission. In addition, UUC is exempt from state authorization in Texas and does not need to receive permission from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to offer distance education programs and courses to Texas students in accordance with the requirements of THECB Rule 7.14."

Union University of California was founded with a commitment to provide high-quality higher education and is dedicated to the success of its learners. As a part of the admission process, the University seeks to assess an applicant’s potential to succeed in its online environment. Applicants must meet the program-specific admission requirements outlined in the accompanying table to be offered admission to UUC. Although particular emphasis is placed on the applicant’s academic history, non-academic factors may also be considered when evaluating an application for admission. Therefore, additional information and/or application materials may be requested and considered on an individual basis. 


Those who choose to study with us are ethnically, denominationally, theologically, geographically, linguistically, economically, contextually, and circumstantially diverse. As a result, our programs can be easily integrated into your everyday life and ministry commitments. We offer: 
Digital Content and Collaborative Learning: Our online programs are accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so that you can study alongside other ministry practioners and global leaders who are going through the same experiences. Our learning software and technical support are also highly professional. You can gain access to an incredibly powerful online library and theological resources. 
Highly Experienced and Qualified Faculty: Our faculty members have a heart and passion for training the next generation of global church leaders. Many come from diverse backgrounds and have extensive cultural training so that they can not only teach theological principles, but also share how to integrate them into your own unique situation. 
A Global Perspective: Many of our students are living in remote areas and rely on digital technology to learn. However, we have many other students that also live in bustling cities or highly resourced areas. We offer a global perspective to Christianity where any student, regardless of their background can gain an affordable, practical and high-quality theological education. 
Financially Accessible Programs: Not only is our content and classroom easily accessible, but so is our affordable tuition. All students are required to contribute to their tuition, but thanks for many supporting believers and organizations we are able to offer scholarships. We intentionally keep our organizational costs at UUC low, so that we can offer you an affordable, high-quality education experience. 
A Diverse Community: When you choose to study with UUC, you are also choosing to support other globally-minded students around the world. Our training programs provide encouragement, community, and creates shared resources among UUC’s faculty and students. UUC’s network of students and professors extends around the globe. Thousands of our alumni are serving in different capacities around the world, including widely-respected seminaries.