UUC provides a number of payment plan options and scholarships for students with special financial needs. Students are encouraged to inquire about the availability of such aid with the Office of Financial Aid. Students who qualify for any form of financial aid from UUC must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA to continue receiving aid.

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at:  fao@uuc.edu

New Students:  Download the Scholarship Application here and upload it as a part of your Application Package.

Current Students:  Log into your Student Page to submit a Scholarship Application for the new year. Current students must submit applications for scholarships for the renewal of aid by the end of May each year.

As UUC’s vision “Education for the Global Church” many of our students are living countries other than the U.S.. For the practical purpose we don’t participate in the Title IV scholarship program .  Scholarships UUC provides only in form of Tuition Reduction based upon the economic situation of the country of residence and financial need.  In order to cover the tuition deduction students will agree to help UUC in fund raising effort.  Please check your country tution rate: click here