Here are two testimonials from students:   


“I am very blessed to be a part of UUC. I started UUC last October and I am enjoying every moment. My classes at UUC have helped me a great deal to grow in my faith, develop my servant leadership, grow in my ministry and widen my horizons of understanding.   


“It is a blessing to work with professors who always, always find time to answer my emails, motivating and encouraging me to do well in all my assignments including the responses that I have made in my class discussions.


“As a student, I believe that a professor who's always available to respond to your queries, motivating and encouraging you is very crucial and substantial for student growth and development. Being a part of UUC, I have learned a lot and it has given me principles and guided me how to become a more effective leader in ministry.”  


M.S.  A Filipina living the USA 


“My studies at UUC opened up new avenues for learning on the online mode. What used to be difficult before is now a way of life to access online 24/7,  anywhere, where I can study at flexible time schedules as my resources would allow.


“Now I am accustomed to it and can easily do all my learning activities without barriers.  For people on the go like me this is the most convenient and fast way to get an education. My professors are doing all their best so that the quality of learning is retained and at par with other formal mode of delivery and learning methodologies.


The curriculum is excellent and at cutting edge global education.   I highly recommend to others who don't have the luxury of time, that the best way to start is now.  You have to discipline yourself to read and study just like in a residential or formal school.  It’s a real time learning experienced and UUC has delivered what it promised.”   


R.T.  Filipino, already with earned Master degree elsewhere