Academic Records

Academic/student Records

Union University of California maintains student records in hard copies and in electronic format. Hard copies of records of a student who is enrolled in an educational program at UUC shall be kept in fire retardant filing cabinets in Westminster, CA. Digital copies of student records who is enrolled in an educational program at UUC shall be kept in the UUC online system. Student records in UUC’s online system are backed up and downloaded every week. The backed-up digital files shall be kept permanently in two places: at UUC’s main office in California and at UUC’s IT headquarters in Washington.

For each student granted a degree by UUC, UUC maintains permanent records in digital format of the following:

  1. The degree granted and the date on which that degree was granted.
  2. The courses and units on which the degree was based.
  3. The grades earned by the student in each of those courses.

Students may request official transcripts and view and print their unofficial transcripts any time by accessing their Student Page online.

Privacy Rights Of Students In Education Records

The disclosure of information from student records is regulated by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974(20 U.S.C. 1232g) and regulations adopted thereunder (34 C.F.R. 99) and the California Education Code Section 67100ff. Union University of California is committed to observing these statutes and regulations in order to protect the students’ rights of access to their own education records and to ensure the non-release of educational records without the written consent of students.

At the request of the student, access to the student’s own educational records is granted during normal business hours. Students also have the right to challenge the accuracy of the records and seek correction thereof. Access to student’s records is also permitted to UUC faculty and administrative staff under the following conditions:

  • Performance of student counseling duties and/or other relevant reasons for evaluating and assisting students
  • Financial aid awards evaluation
  • Compliance with a judicial order or subpoena
  • Authorization by federal or state officials who are conducting official business, such as evaluating educational programs.