Adding/Dropping Courses

UUC requires students to make satisfactory academic progress towards a degree to remain in good standing. Satisfactory academic progress means the student is registering for and successfully completing at least one course each module.

Students may add a course in the first week of the class if that class is still open for registration.
Students may drop classes at any time by filling out the Drop Class form in Student Page. However, dropping a course will affect the course grade on the following basis (based on a ten-week module):

  • Dropping in the first two weeks: no grade;
  • Dropping from the third week through the eighth week: W (Withdrawal);
  • Dropping from the ninth week: WF (Withdrawal Fail).
  • Students who have registered for a class but do not attend and/or do class assignments for three consecutive weeks will receive an F grade for the class.
  • Students receiving financial aid are cautioned that a change in their enrollment status caused by dropping courses may alter their eligibility for such aid.