Register for Courses

To help students study successfully, UUC divides each semester into two 10-week modules. There is a 2-week period between the two modules of a semester. Under instructors’ permission, students can use this period to complete course requirements (final papers, final project, etc…).

Students are required to register for courses by the scheduled registration period for each academic term. The deadlines are disclosed in the upcoming schedule of classes posted on the Academic Calendar. The registration period begins 40 days before the new module begins, and is closed by the end of the first week of that module.

Students are allowed to register for two courses per module. That means students can take four courses per semester. Students can register for more than two courses per module, or four courses per semester, if they are in good academic status. In this case, students need to contact the Registrar’s Office to register for the third class. Students cannot do online registration for a course with prerequisite requirement unless the prerequisite requirement is satisfied.

Students can follow the directions in the Student Page to do registration for each module.

Students are allowed to be in recess, or not register for courses, for two consecutive semesters without penalty. These students must apply for a leave of absence as described below in the section titled Leave of Absence. A student who does not register for three consecutive semesters must apply for re-admission before continuing with the program, and is subject to all academic and administrative policies and procedures, including degree requirements, in effect at the time of re-admission.