School of Innovation & Management

Are you ready for the digital transformation?

The School of Innovation and Management (SIM) prepares graduates for a successful career and a purposeful life in the digital age.  SIM offers modern, flexible, and accredited certificates and degrees taught from a whole person education perspective and focused on increasing uniquely human skills. The aim of SIM is to prepare graduates to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0).

Why SIM?

Job Preparation

All programs are marketplace driven and help prepare students to enter or advance in the workforce. Through courses, internships, and career coaches, students gain practical skills and employable qualities. One important indicator of a quality education program is the ability of students to be employed upon graduation.

Courses in English

All of our courses are taught in English, the international business language. If necessary, students can take one year of English preparation to get ready for university coursework. Students continue to refine their English skills while doing their coursework. Students take a periodic assessment to demonstrate progress toward English fluency. Students pass English final assessment as requirement for graduation.

Whole Person Focus

Whole person education cultivates the holistic development of the learner, integrating the mind, the heart, and the spirit. We want students to have a “devoted heart, a courageous mind, and a purposeful soul.” Our programs develop men and women who will pursue meaningful work, make important contributions to their workplaces and communities, and ultimately, bring prosperity to their country.

International Experience

Every year students will have an opportunity to study away for 2-4 weeks at a foreign university. Students will take language, culture, and history classes unique to the country. The international experience is built into the curriculum to satisfy the global citizenship competency. Real understanding of the world and its people only comes from first-hand experience and exposure to the realities of life in different cities with diverse cultures.

100% Self-Pace, Online

Many students are busy with work, family, and other duties. 100% self-paced, online learning gives students the greatest flexibility to work towards a degree in the midst of their full lives. Online learning means students can take courses from any location and progress at their own speed. In this way, students can complete the degree program is a much shorter timeframe than traditional programs.

Success Team

A team of dedicated and experienced academic tutors, career coaches, and life mentors are available to help students succeed at every stage of their studies. Whether it’s onboarding, staying the course, or preparing for life after graduation, the team will work closely with students to ensure they get what they need to succeed.

Proposed Academic Offerings

Certificates and Degrees

Associate Degree
Bachelor’s Degree
Graduate & Professional Degree

Academic Programs

Business Administration
Leadership & Innovation
Informational Technology
Data Science
AI & Machine Learning
Digital Marketing
Advanced Manufacturing

Join SIM

Join the SIM team – a network of entrepreneurial, mission-minded individuals who are passionate about preparing graduates for the digital age. SIM is scheduled to launch in fall 2021 with the founding class.  We will begin recruiting for critical positions starting fall 2020.  If you are interested in any positions, please send your cover letter and resume to

  • Country Director (Vietnam)
  • Officer  Manager (Vietnam)
  • Recruitment Officer (Vietnam)
  • Multiple Faculty Facilitator Positions (remote)
  • Multiple Life Coach Positions (remote or Vietnam)
  • Multiple English Coaches Positions (remote or Vietnam)
  • Multiple Success Coaches Positions (remote or Vietnam)