Student Rights

While matriculating as a full-time or part-time student at UUC, students have the following rights:

  • To cancel the enrollment agreement and receive a full refund of the tuition and fees paid (less non-refundable application fee) if notice of cancellation is given prior to the deadline stated in the school catalog;
  • To withdraw at any time and receive a prorated refund for the part of the course not taken according to then-applicable state laws and regulations governing tuition and fees refund;
  • To receive quality instruction provided by the faculty and meeting the educational and experiential requirements mandated by the state regulatory agency;
  • To obtain factual information concerning UUC’s educational programs;
  • To receive a fair and impartial hearing in accordance with the established grievance resolution procedure if the disciplinary action taken against a student is not satisfactory to the student;
  • To examine his or her own educational records during the normal business hours and if errors are detected, request correction thereof; and
  • To call or write to the state, federal, or any other regulatory agencies to register complaints and seek redress.

Grievance Resolution Policy And Procedures

General Policy

Union University of California views complaints as providing an opportunity to review and improve our policies and practices. Students, faculty, administrators, or any party, may make a complaint about any matter which relates to UUC’s policies and/or practices. Student complaints typically are defined as complaints regarding items such as administrative issues, financial issues, technical issues, faculty performance, grading, program content, program effectiveness/expectations, library services, or misrepresentation of career or placement services for institutions that offer such services. When a student has any of these issues, the student can contact to the Office of Student Services by any means (telephone, email, in person…) to seek an informal resolution.  For matters where a resolution is not feasible, the student can submit a Formal Complaint Form. Union University of California is committed to a policy of fair treatment of its students in their relationships with fellow students, faculty, staff and administration.

Formal Complaint Form

Formal Complaint Forms can be downloaded at Complaints must be submitted within thirty (30) days of the incident. A student can expect a resolution of the complaint within thirty (30) days.


Students who believe their rights have been denied may seek resolution in the following manner:

Step 1: Login to the Student Page and complete/submit a Formal Complaint Form. All supporting documentation must be attached before completing the submission process.

Step 2: A staff in the Office of Student Services will send an e-mail to the student to acknowledge receipt, and forward the complaint to the appropriate administrator within seven (7) days of receipt of the complaint.

Step 3: Upon receipt of the complaint, the appropriate administrator will review the complaint and determine what additional information is necessary to resolve the problem.

Step 4: After considering the complaint and related information, the administrator makes a decision as to the merits of the student’s complaint and notifies the student by e-mail as to the resolution within thirty (30) days of the filing of the complaint.

First Appeal

Students who feel another review is necessary must respond by e-mail to the administrator’s e-mail within seven (7) days, requesting the complaint be forwarded to a higher level administrator. The complaint and supporting documentation will be forwarded to an appropriate higher level administrator within seven (7) days. A higher level administrator will review the complaint and inform the student of a decision by e-mail within seven (7) days.

Second Appeal

If not satisfied with the decision made by the higher level administrative, students have the right to appeal to UUC’s Board of Directors. Students will, within seven (7) days, request the higher level administrative forward their complaint to the Board of Directors. The complaint and supporting documentation will be forwarded to the President within seven (7) days.

§  Within ten (10) days of receipt of the complaint, the President/CEO or the Board of Directors will notify the complainant of the receipt of the complaint.

§  A hearing will be set up within 30 days of the Board’s receipt of the appeal.

§  Within seven (7) days after the hearing, Board of Directors will give a written decision to the complainant.

The decision by the Board of Directors shall be final and there shall be no further appeals. If not satisfied, students have the right to contact:

Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education

Physical address: 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95833

Mailing address: P.O. Box 980818, West Sacramento, CA 95798-0818


Phone number: (916) 431-6959

Toll free: (888) 370-7589

Fax number: (916) 263-1897