Board of Directors

Don Dawson, D.Min., Chairman
Retired minister & Former Director
of Global Mission Initiative of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
Serving since January 2018 (1st term)
Area of Contribution:  Mission & Church Network

Delmar Sewall, D.D.
Former President of UUC
Serving since November 2016 (2nd term)
Area of Contribution:  Ministry

Rev. Linh Doan, PhD
President of UUC & Senior Pastor of Vietnamese Baptist Church of Westminster
Serving since Jan 2009 (2nd term)
Area of Contribution: Ministry & Academics

Son Xuan Nguyen, D.Min., D.B.A.
Senior Vice-President Emeritus of UUC
Serving since November 2016 (1st term)
Area of Contribution:  Organization & Finance

Michael Truong, PhD
Vice-President of UUC & Executive Director, Office of Innovative Teaching & Technology, Azusa Pacific University
Serving since January 2018 (1st term)
Area of Contribution: Educational Technology

Tom Duong, MBA
Vice-President of UUC & Entrepreneur
Serving since December 2019 (1st term)
Area of Contribution:  Operation & Finance


Rev. Linh Doan, PhD | President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Philip Nguyen, M.Eng | Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Rev. Son Xuan Nguyen, DMin, DBA | Special Assistant to the President | Senior Vice President Emeritus

Michael Truong, PhD | Vice President for Academic Affairs and Innovation | Chief Academic Officer (CAO) | Director of Accreditation and Assessment

Tom Duong, MBA | Vice President for Finances | Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Kurt Takamine, EdD | Dean of School of Innovation & Management (SIM)

Kim Son Nguyen, PhD | Dean of School of Theology (Both English and Vietnamese) | Director of Research & Publication

Kim Lien Thi Ngo, EdD | Dean of Student Affairs

Huyen Thu Nguyen To, MA | Assistant to the Dean of School of Theology, Admissions & Registrar Associate

Ngoc Dinh | Officer Manager in Westminster, Bursar, Accountant

Richard Blake, PhD | Librarian

Nhan Nguyen, MDiv | Director of Alumni Relations

Cindy Au, MA | Instructional Designer

Nhi Nguyen | UX/UI Learning Designer