Board of Directors

Delmar Sewall, D.D.
Former President of UUC
November 2016 (1st term)
Area of Contribution:  Ministry


Don Dawson, D.Min., Chairman
Retired minister & Former Director
of Global Mission Initiative of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
January 2018 (1st term)
Area of Contribution:  Mission & Church Network


Rev. Linh Doan, PhD
President of UUC & Senior Pastor of Vietnamese Baptist Church of Westminster
Jan 2009 – Jan 2015 (2nd term)
Area of Contribution: Ministry & Academics


Son Xuan Nguyen, D.Min., D.B.A.
Senior Vice-President of UUC
November 2016 (1st term)
Area of Contribution:  Organization & Finance


Michael Truong, PhD
Vice-President of UUC & Executive Director, Office of Innovative Teaching & Technology, Azusa Pacific University
January 2018 (1st term)
Area of Contribution: Educational Technology


Rev. Linh Doan, PhD
President & Chief Executive Officer


Son Xuan Nguyen, DMin, DBA
Senior Vice President | Chief Operation Officer | Chief Financial Officer


Michael Truong, PhD
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Innovation | Chief Academic Officer


Kim Lien Thi Ngo, EdD
Vice President of Student Affairs | Chief Student Service Officer | Director of Financial Aid


Margaret Scott, PhD
Vice President of Educational Partnerships


Tu Thien Truong, PhD
Vice President of International Operations


Kurt Takamine, EdD
Founding Dean of School of Innovation & Management


Bruce A. Kreutzer, PhD
Dean of English School of Theology


Vu Le, PhD
Dean of Vietnamese School of Theology
Director of University Assessment


Richard Blake, PhD


Kim Son Nguyen, PhD
Director of University Research & Publication


Thai Hoa Nguyen, BS
Chief Information Officer (CIO)


Nhan Nguyen, MDiv
Director of Alumni Relations


Kris Tam Truong, MBA
Associate Director of Admissions & Registrar


Sarah Nguyen, BS