Tuition & Financial Aid


To do online registration students must sign an electronic enrollment form to confirm the financial aid and charge for each course according to the provisions that students have signed in their enrollment agreement.

Seven days after the start date of a new module, the tuition charge for the courses will appear in student accounts and the business office will send emails to remind students to make payment. Students will not be able to do online registration for the next module unless their account balance is zero.

Payment options:

  1. Paid in full on or before the first day of class
  2. Divided into three monthly payments (First payment: first day of class; Second payment: last day of the 5th week; Final payment: last day of the 10th week)

Method of payment:

  1. Check made payable to UUC
  2. PayPal
  3. Wire transfer
  4. Cash (must deliver in person at 14200 Goldenwest Street, Westminster, CA 92683)


Program/Degree Tuition per credit Total Credit Requirement Estimated Total Charge
Master of Arts in Ministry $150 42 $6,300
Master of Divinity $150 84 $12,600
Doctor of Ministry $225 36 $8,100
Graduate Certificates $150 18 $2,700


Fees and Non-Tuition charges listed below are non-refundable. All students are required to pay the following fees when applicable:

Application Fee $50
Transcripts Evaluation for  Transcripts from USA $15
Transcripts Evaluation for Transcripts from Outside USA $300
Master thesis fee $300
Graduation (Master’s level) $100
Graduation (Certificate level) $100
Additional Transcript $10
Change of Program $50
Leave of Absence $50